What can be done for a baby with colic? Whenever a baby cries more than usual, whether due to colic or any other cause, it is important that your doctor diagnoses what is wrong with your baby. The doctor must thoroughly examine your baby to rule out treatable causes of unexplained crying such as infections […]


What causes colic? Unfortunately it is still not exactly clear what causes colic, although there are a number of theories that have been put forward: • It is most commonly believed that colic is caused by baby’s immature digestive tract, which cramps up and becomes painful when there is a build up of wind in […]

When Does Colic Start?

When does colic start? In most cases colic usually develops in the second or third week of baby’s life and worsens after one month when baby is six weeks old. At around twelve weeks of life it starts to improve with some babies settling quickly and others improving slowly. The colic can start at a […]


What are symptoms of colic? Babies suffering with colic do have varying symptoms, however these are some of the typical features of colic: • Baby often draws his knees up to his chest • Baby may clench his fists • Baby’s cry is loud, continuous and intense and will last for hours • Baby may […]


Welcome to It is normal for babies to cry, as this is their main method of communication. There are several reasons as to why babies cry and these include hunger, dirty nappies and bad moods. Babies may also cry because they are uncomfortable from sitting or lying in one position for too long. Perhaps […]